Giovanni Fredi: Untitled at Link Cabinet

Giovanni Fredi: Untitled at Link Cabinet

Oct 22, 2016

The Link Art Center is proud to present Untitled, a new work by Giovanni Fredi. The show will be online at Link Cabinet from October 22 to November 19, 2016.
On the occasion of the exhibition at Link Cabinet, Giovanni Fredi presents a new iteration of To my deacesed, a series of works that already includes some video and web-based artworks. The project is inspired by the Qingming Festival, a traditional event in China to remember and honour the ancestors. During this event people use to burn joss papers, paper replicas of different kind of objects as offerings to be enjoyed by the deceased during their afterlife. More recently joss paper include paper currency, credit cards replicas, cars, luxury objects, smartphones and digital devices in general.

In Untitled Fredi use his own former smartphone as a symbolic offering. Scanned and turned into a 3D model Fredi’s iPhone 4s 32GB, that served as a diary and an archive of his personal memory from November 2011 to July 2016, ascend to the sky in a three-dimensional web environment. The 3D scan of the smartphone is available for the visitor of the show, thus turned in a digital joss paper in .obj file format.

Giovanni Fredi is an Italian artist who focus his work on technologic interactions between man and devices, society and technology. His artistic activity is connected to virtual anthroplogy and he’s studing in deep this theme in the different cultures. He investigated in DRC Africa, in Japan and in China where he lived three years. His art want to visualize, document and archive digital culture and cultural practices.

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