The Link Point is Link Art Center’s multi-functional space: a small white cube that will work as “base” for an institution that is, and will go on to be, nomadic, and that will serve, from time to time, as a project room, a workshop room, a meeting point and a window on Link Art Center’s traveling projects. The space – located in Brescia, Via Alessandro Monti 13, takes the place formerly occupied by the Fabio Paris Art Gallery, recently restored to better serve its new mission. From September 2012 to June 2014, the space was used to present 10 projects by Italian and international artists.




Marc Lee: Pic-me




Pic-me (2014) by Swiss artist Marc Lee invites you to virtually fly to the locations from where users send randomly selected posts to Instagram, thus creating another view on how the media handles posts on social networks. One might describe these posts – images or short videos accompanied by comments, tags and geolocalization – as a kind of digital small talk or personal conversation. Different than face to face conversations, these fleeting thoughts are accumulated and archived by governments, corporations, and research institutes and then transformed into everlasting stories as well.


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Filippo Minelli: Chemotherapy Update




In Chemotherapy Update (March 15, 2014) , Filippo Minelli presents – for the first time in a show – the images published between 2010 and 2013 on the blog with the same name, a brutal and ironic diary of his experience with chemotherapy, and an installation of the “souvenirs” of the treatment – chemo bags, documents, syringes – together with the soil taken from the lands where Minelli was used to play when he was a child, and where he started making graffiti and experimenting with the smoke bombs he still use in his eclectic artistic practice.


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Marco Cadioli: Necessary Lines




In Necessary Lines (January 18, 2014) , Marco Cadioli looks to the earth adopting the point of view of satellites, to focus his attention on the lines that man traces on the planet’s surface along his never-ending effort of appropriation of the natural landscape: “necessary” lines, according to the inspired definition coined by Carl Andre to describe Frank Stella’s paintings in a text from 1959 that has been seminal for Cadioli’s project.


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Damiano Nava: Let the Right One In




Let the Right One In (November 23, 2013) is a project including photos and emails, presented at Link Point in book and installation form. When artist and photographer Damiano Nava moved to Berlin in 2009, he posted an advertisement on Craiglist and Exberliner to get in touch with new models. For about two years, the ad generated new contacts. Nava received about a thousand e-mails, met around a hundred people and took pictures of the few who were comfortable with him.


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Francesco Fonassi: Rhythmanalyst




In Rhythmanalyst (October 5, 2013), Francesco Fonassi invites musician and performer Fabrizio Saiu to act as the rhythmanalyst of three distinct sensory events: a flow of pre-recorded electronic impulses played out in the exhibition space; a stream of video; and the variable flow of people attending the performance: an environmental rhythm that the performer analyzes, translates and conditions at the same time, with his sonic gestures and his very presence in the space, playing as the unique point of convergence of reception and reaction.


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Elena Radice: Abstract Season Changes




On May 25, 2013, the project Abstract Season Changes (2012 – ongoing), by artist Elena Radice will be presented at Link Point in a site-specific exhibition setup. Abstract Season Changes ( is a collection of geometrical abstract pictures gathered from Google Maps, showing how the system often combines satellite images depicting the same landscape in different seasons.


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Elisa Giardina Papa: Drawing From Life




On Saturday April 6, 2013, the project Drawing From Life (2011 – 2013), by artist Elisa Giardina Papa, will be presented in a specially designed installation at the Link Point in Brescia, Italy. The show will be open to the public from 6.30 to 9.30 PM. The artist will be present. Drawing From Life is a series of 120 digital drawings printed on paper, and based on casual encounters occurred online. More specifically, the drawings were made in the online chat website Chatroulette, that pairs strangers from around the world together for webcam-based conversations.


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56 Broken Kindle Screens


56 broken kindle screens


On January 19, 2013, the project 56 Broken Kindle Screens, by artists Silvio Lorusso and Sebastian Schmieg, will be presented at the Link Point in a specially designed exhibition setup. The Kindle is Amazon’s e-reading device which is by default connected to the company’s book store. 56 Broken Kindle Screens is a print on demand paperback that consists of found photos depicting broken Kindle screens. The book will be available at the Link Point in a special edition of 56 numbered and signed copies. The artists will be present.


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Don’t Watch If You Dislike




Don’t Watch If You Dislike is a video screening and a Youtube playlist curated by Valentina Tanni: a focus on the explosion of amateur creativity online. On show a series of videos made by un-professional creators adopting, more or less consciously, forms and codes of contemporary art. The curator is present. On October 13, 2012, from 6.30 to 12.00 PM, at the Link Point.


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Adam Cruces: Refresh



Adam Cruces: Refresh is the Link Point opening event: a one-night exhibition that will take place on September 29, 2012. Refresh is an attempt to re-contextualize the artist’s recent digital work in a physical space. Born in Huston, Texas, in 1985, Adam Cruces lives and works in Zürich, Switzerland, where he is currently attending the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. His work makes a consistent use of vernacular material appropriated from the web, and of concepts, images, aesthetics and practices that, introduced by the most common and popular interfaces, ended up populating our imaginary, and our subconscious.


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