HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO draw by Gretchen Andrew at Link Cabinet- Documentation

HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO draw by Gretchen Andrew at Link Cabinet- Documentation

Aug 6, 2017

From June 5 to August 6, 2017 Link Cabinet presented HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO draw, a work by Gretchen Andrew.
HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO draw is an online performance developed continuously during the exhibition. Each day artist Gretchen Andrew watched one of YouTube 4 million videos titled “How to draw…”. Following the instructions the artist drawed using a digital drawing pad, she recorded the process and presented it in an endless loop. The drawings have been arranged on Link Cabinet to interact with each other, shaping a composition that enhanced on a daily basis.

This work is part of a project in which, following the same process, the artist learned how to be perfect, how to write a novel and how to eat. Is it actually possible to learn to do anything, by simply applying themselves and following some good advices? Or is this just a reminiscence of the idea of the Internet understood as a network of interconnected minds, a place for free exchange of information and knowledge? The project is all about this and, instead of looking for a final answer, it chooses to follow an empirical approach: the artist applies the method in first person, transforming her art practice in a disciplined performance that last in time.
Below a documentation of the project development during the exhibition period on Link Cabinet.

Gretchen Andrew is a Search Engine Artist and Internet Imperialist whose HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO & #accordingToTheInternet projects look at the internet as a tenuous form of authority that can be used to understand, manipulate, and imperialize definitions. Her search-based practice is accompanied by a painting practice that is used as an image source for her related Internet Imperialism. She has completed projects or exhibitions with The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, The V&A Museum, The Photographer’s Gallery, The British Film Institute, Arbyte, Cambridge University, The British Arts Council, The White Building, Ace Hotel, The London Film School, and Whitcher Projects. She works in London with the artist Billy Childish.

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