Book Launch: U+29DC aka Documento Continuo

Book Launch: U+29DC aka Documento Continuo

Nov 5, 2014

On Thursday, November 13 at 7.30 PM, the book U+29DC aka Documento Continuo by artist Enrico Boccioletti, will be presented at Viafarini DOCVA, Milan in a special event that will also include a live performance by the artist.




Viafarini DOCVA
via Giulio Cesare Procaccini, 4, 20154 Milan, Italy


Co-published by Link Editions with Viafarini DOCVA, U+29DC aka Documento Continuo is an artist book and a research into that contemporary zeitgeist that has been labeled “post-internet”. Originally conceived as a MA thesis, Documento Continuo is a textual and visual collage strongly relying on appropriation as the only possible way to draw your own path through the information overload. Written in Italian but mostly in “International Art English”, it focuses on issues like awareness, creolization, the crisis of the European Union, dematerialization and materiality, globalization, performance, identity, FOMO, and how to be an artist in the age of “always on”.



In the live performance, Boccioletti will add a soundrack to Brody Condon‘s video Suicide Solution (2004), that documents and collects a series of virtual suicides committed by the artist in more than fifty videogames from the past decade.


The book presentation takes place in the framework of Bookcrossing Zones, a series of book presentations focused on recent publications related to contemporary artistic and theoretical research. Inspired to the practice of free and collaborative dissemination of books in urban space, it stimulates debate around the sharing of resources and knowledge through publishing.


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