Addie Wagenknecht: Technological Selection of Fate

Addie Wagenknecht: Technological Selection of Fate

Sep 16, 2014

Technological Selection of Fate, an artist book by artist Addie Wagenknecht, is now available as a paperback and a free download pdf in Link Editions‘ “In My Computer” series!




From 2000 to 2009, artist Addie Wagenknecht used her livejournal account as a “private space” where to share her relationships failures to her “online only” friends. This group of people knew more about her life then even the person she was dating. In hindsight, these hundreds to thousands of private group based entries were an archive of her mistakes, permanently cached in servers for the rest of history. Technological Selection of Fate is a fragile, glitchy archive of part of this diary; a fragmentary, repetitive, arbitrary but surprisingly touching and emotional personal memory; a stream of consciousness delivering bits and pieces of a human life that has been turned into words with a few readers in mind.


Addie Wagenknecht is an American artist based in Austria, whose work explores the tension between intimacy and technology. She seeks to blend conceptual work with traditional forms of hacking and sculpture. Wagenknecht’s work employs a peculiar mix of hacking and visual aesthetics drenched by conceptualism.


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