Born Digital: last hours to bid + some press and a catalogue

Born Digital: last hours to bid + some press and a catalogue

Apr 29, 2014

There are still 19 hours left to bid on the 50+ works featured in Born Digital, the benefit auction the Link Art Center organized on Paddle8. Meanwhile, we found the time to publish the auction catalogue, available for free download and soon in print…



Below you can find a selection of the amazing press feedback. International:


Pau Waelder, “Born Digital: la subasta como caballo de Troya”, in Arte y Cultura Digital, April 15, 2014

Guilherme Kujawski, “Lances de bits”, in Select, April 14, 2014

Marina Galperina, “IKEA-STYLE GUILLOTINE AND FLUIDS AT “BORN DIGITAL” PADDLE8 AUCTION”, in Animal New York, April 16, 2014

Paddy Johnson and Corinna Kirsch, “Wednesday Links: Amenities for Shopping”, in Artfagcity, April 16, 2014

Ikea-Style DIY-Guillotine”, in Nerdcore, April 16, 2014

Born Digital: Benefit Online Auction on Paddle8”, in The Collector Tribune, April 27, 2014,

Roberta Bosco y Stefano Caldana, “Pujas online para pioneros digitales”, in El Pais, April 28, 2014


And Italian:


Valentina Tanni, “Born Digital: tante opere d’arte digitali all’asta su Paddle8 per finanziare il Link Art Center, che lancia anche uno spazio espositivo online”, in Artribune, 15 aprile 2014

Marco Taesi, “L’arte digitale all’asta online. I nuovi mecenati del web”, in Corriere della Sera, 15 aprile 2014.

Elena Giulia Rossi, “«Born Digital». Asta di arte digitale”, in Arshake, 15 aprile 2014

Armando Adolgiso, “Born Digital”, in Cosmotaxi, 14 aprile 2014

Giovanna Capretti, “Link Art Center, l’arte digitale va all’asta on-line”, in Giornale di Brescia, 18 aprile 2014


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