Since You Were Born by Evan Roth

Since You Were Born by Evan Roth

Apr 1, 2014

Link Editions is proud to announce the release of Since You Were Born, a book by US born, Paris based artist Evan Roth, with a foreword by Domenico Quaranta. The book, published in the series “In My Computer”, is available in Print on Demand on, and for free download on, and




Evan Roth, Since You Were Born, Link Editions, Brescia 2014. 212 pages, black and white, English, ISBN 9781291788846. More info & free download:


Since You Were Born – originally exhibited as part of “Memory” at Niklas Beleinus Gallery – is a book composed of the chronological history of every website visited on the artist’s computer over a three month period beginning with the birth of his daughter Octavia (July 19, 2013). It thus belongs to the genre that once someone with a sheer fantasy and a bad taste for names called “autobotography”: it shows a portion of the artist’s life as it is preserved by bots – in this case, the “Chronology” function of the browser. A family album, a record of personal memories, and a picture of the internet at a given time, Since You Were Born is also an attempt to turn visible the invisible practice of profiling, turning it into a form – both effective and ineffective – of portraiture.



Evan Roth ( is an American artist based in Paris whose work explores the relationship between misuse and empowerment. Creating prints, sculptures, videos and websites, the work is defined less by medium and genre than by its appropriation of popular culture. Roth’s work is informed by the misuse of seemingly rigid structures and the effect that philosophies from hacker communities can have when applied to non-digital systems.
Roth is also co-founder of the Graffiti Research Lab and the Free Art & Technology Lab (F.A.T. Lab), a web based, open source research and development lab. To find Roth’s work online, just google “bad ass mother fucker”.


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