MINI Museum Updates: Roger Ng

MINI Museum Updates: Roger Ng

The Mini Museum is very proud to welcome Image Editor (2010 – ongoing) by Hong Kong based artist Roger Ng, in its collection.

Image Editor is a photography project started in 2010. Roger Ng gathered / stole some scratched political banners from the streets in Hong Kong and repaired them. For some candidates who got serious damage on their face, he even used part of the faces of their opponents in order to repair them. According to the artist, “banners are not simply for political use when they appear in public space. They interact with people, creating a platform for citizens to leave their views onto. They belong to society. I collected these banners, and listened to their voices. Through repairing their images, I left my comment on them.”


The work has been put on show – in installation form and as an image loop on the Mini Museum – at Lianzhou Foto 2013, an International Photo Festival in Lianzhou, GuangDong, China (from November 23 to December 12, 2013). In Mainland China, where there is no voting process and most people haven’t even seen political banners yet, the work appeared controversial, and it has been consistently censored.


Roger Ng ( is a photographer, a designer and a Tutor of Design and Visual Communication based in Hong Kong. In 2013, he established his own creative studio, noonhappyhour.


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