Link_mins is a series of video interviews in which academics, critics and intellectuals in general present their own original point of view on a specific hot-topic suggested by Link Art Center.

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A place where you can download high quality copies of original dada works, remix them and share them back in the gallery. Dada is nothing, enjoy dada.

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A distributed exhibition, taking place in many art institutions, galleries and artist studios at the same time, and documented under the same #hashtag

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Masters & Servers


The Link Art Center is part of Masters & Servers, a European adventure focused on a new generation of digital interventionism.

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Link Point


The Link Point is Link Art Center’s multi-functional space: a small white cube that will work as “base” for an institution that is, and will go on to be, nomadic, and that will serve, from time to time, as a project room, a workshop room, a meeting point and a window on Link Art Center’s traveling projects. The space – located in Brescia, Via Alessandro Monti 13, takes the place formerly occupied by the Fabio Paris Art Gallery, recently restored to better serve its new mission. From September 2012 to June 2014, the space was used to present 10 projects by Italian and international artists.

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Shanty Town


Produced by the Link Art Center for the MusicalZOO festival in Brescia, Italy, Shanty Town is a show/installation that explores the new dimensions of degrowth, urban decay, the outsourcing of labour and creative reuse. The architectural structure designed by Gabriele Falconi and produced using recycled materials will play host to the works of Filippo Minelli and the collective IOCOSE.

When: July 25 – July 28, 2013

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Share Your Sorrow

Share Your Sorrow is an online curatorial project by our Artistic Director Domenico Quaranta, and focused on strategies of social preservation of net based, digital art. The project deals with the work of Kevin Bewersdorf, an artist that, after being very active online between 2007 and 2009, retired and deleted from the internet any content he published in previous years. Everybody who got in touch with his work is invited to dig into his / her personal archives and contribute. Because the museum of the future may be your hard drive.

When: September 2012 – ongoing

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Link Dead Drop

Installed next to the Link Point exit door, the Link Dead Drop is a contribution to the ongoing project launched in October 2010 by German artist Aram Bartholl, and rapidly turned into a worldwide phenomenon, with about one thousand dead drops installed all around the world. A dead drop is a USB flash drive embedded into a wall, that becomes part of an “anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space.” The Link Dead Drop will be used by us to share with you Link Editions’ e-books, works by featured artists, and site specific exhibitions, but can also be used by you to share whatever you want with us, and with everybody else. So: when you come to the Link Point, come with a USB enabled device.

When: September 2012 – ongoing

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The MINI Museum of XXI Century Arts

The MINI Museum of XXI Century Arts (also known as MMAXXI) is a 7” digital photo frame bought on eBay equipped with a 4GB pen drive. Founded and directed by Domenico Quaranta and produced by the LINK Center for the Arts of the Information Age, the MINI Museum has been designed to store and display the art of the XXI century – that is art that takes, has taken or can take digital form, at some time in its life, and can thus be stored on a USB pen drive and displayed on a digital photo frame.

The MINI Museum will travel from node to node around a network of artists, and will host temporary solo shows by the artist owning it at the time. All the artworks shown in the MINI Museum will enter the permanent collection of the Museum itself. The Museum will return to the Director when there is no more storage space left.

When: October 2010 – ongoing

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The LINK Center for the Arts of the Information Age organizes short, medium and long workshops with internationally renowned experts, creatives and artists, operating on two levels: on a local level, organizing workshops in Italian aimed at bridging the gaps in local public and private education; on a global level, organizing high level workshops in English which will also be conveyed by means of e-learning tools.

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