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Thomas Israel


Generic art piece (video extract). Based on: László Moholy-Nagy, Mord auf den Schienen, 1925.



“Video capture of a cynical and generative work, created from “Mord auf den Schienen” by László Moholy-Nagy and an automatic image search on the internet corresponding to the term “Dada”.

Hardware: computer and 4K screen
Software: Isadora
Maximum size: 2297/3175 pixel
Extract size: 781/1080 pixel”

Thomas Israel


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Johann Baron Lanteigne

Orb State


Audio visual animation. Based on: Man Ray, Main Ray, 1935

“Orb State is an immersive trip in a surrealist environment. As we come upon an orb in its natural habitat, we witness its harvesting and ascension to an airy state. Thus portraying an abstract representation of the automation of industrialization by its cold and sequenced aesthetics. The transformation is experienced through a fusion of sound and image resulting from several exchanges between the two collaborators, Faderunner and Johann Baron Lanteigne during the summer of 2015. The visuals are an integration of manipulated video glitch and motion graphics reminiscent of video games from the early 2000’s that were inspired and controlled by the sound. In the same manner, Fade Runner’s fusion of organic sounds and synthetic textures reflects the orb’s unstable state”. Johann Baron Lanteigne


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Esther Miquel

Handmade Stereopticon Slides (digital version)

Digital video. Based on: Marcel Duchamp, Handmade Stereopticon Slides, 1918.


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Haan-Yuu Feeng

Evolution from dada to meme

Video loop. Sound Design by: Doggo Taxi. Based on: Paul Citroen, Alannah, 1931; Hannah Höch, Musiker zu Hause, 1962; Man Ray, Admiration of the Orchestra for the Cinematograph, 1919; Man Ray, Rayogram, 1924

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“Evolution from dada to meme, scientific proof. 從達達演進梅梅,科學論證。” Haan-Yuu Feeng

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Leonardo Petrucci

Porno DaDaDa – Rrose Sélavy

Based on: Man Ray, Belle Heleine, 1920

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“The video is made with the image of Man Ray’s Belle Helene edited with a red filter, and the audio is taken from various Amateur Russian porn movies, where the actors say DA (yes in Russian) in the moments of pleasure”. Leonardo Petrucci

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Eva Macali



Video loop. Based on: Man Ray, The Poet, 1938

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“Ha notato che siamo circondati da un mare di occhi attenti, Poedadata mischia pensieri e sensazioni con colori brillanti

他注意到我们被大海高度警觉的目光环视, 波艾达达塔 它伴着明亮的颜色融合了思想与感觉

He noticed we’re surrounded by a sea of gazing eyes, Poedadat has bright colours to keep together thoughts and vibes” Eva Macali

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