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Emiliano Zucchini

Voidgram, the absence is the level with zero alpha


Digital manipulation. Based on: Man Ray, Rayogram, 1924

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The objects represented in rayogram occur exclusively in their material footprint loses an original identity. In computer graphics, the white and gray checkerboard pattern represents no color, emptiness, absence“. Emiliano Zucchini

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Haan-Yuu Feeng

Evolution from dada to meme

Video loop. Sound Design by: Doggo Taxi. Based on: Paul Citroen, Alannah, 1931; Hannah Höch, Musiker zu Hause, 1962; Man Ray, Admiration of the Orchestra for the Cinematograph, 1919; Man Ray, Rayogram, 1924

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“Evolution from dada to meme, scientific proof. 從達達演進梅梅,科學論證。” Haan-Yuu Feeng

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Camilla Bassani

Rayogram 2016


Scanning of objects. Based on: Man Ray, Rayogram, 1924

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“How would Man Ray have made the rayograms if he had lived 100 years later? Probably he would use the scanner as a sensitive area. As Man Ray supported objects on photographic paper I placed the objects on the scanner, with the light coming from the bottom rather than top. The scanned items are similar to those used by the artist as a form but they belong to the world of technology”. Camilla Bassani

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