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Di-Andre Caprice Davis

d A _ r a s e


Animated Gif. Based on: Club Dada Berlin, 1918 ; Rongwrong, New York, 1917; Man Ray, Cactus, 1943

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Renee Carmichael



Animated Gif. Based on Magazine Cover: DADA PHONE Paris, March 1920.

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“I noticed a cryptic layer of the magazine pages behind the cover and used that as inspiration. The quote is supposedly by Francis Picabia. We never know what codes are lurking behind unless we move our arses to look”. Renee Carmichael

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John Bumstead



Collage of screenshots from a MacBook Pro with a malfunctioning NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processor, Animated Gif. Based on Magazine Cover: 391, New York, N.3, 1 March 1917.

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“The image was cut into 10 equal segments which were fed individually into a 2008 MacBook Pro 17” laptop with a defective graphics processor.  The laptop was allowed to affect each segment, during which approximately 20 screenshots of each were taken.  The screenshots were then reassembled into 10 complete images, taking care to keep all segments in proper location.

Defective GPUs produce “randomly predictable” output, but by assembling collages of many different screenshots I hoped to produce a distinctly different aesthetic than would be created by allowing the GPU to affect the whole image at once”. John Bumstead


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Volodymyr Bilyk



Digital image. Based on Magazine Cover: New York Dada, April 1921

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Turning simple cheeky cover into a meditation piece – pulsating white surround black“. Volodymyr Bilyk


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Serg Nehaev



Digital collage. Based on Magazine Cover: CABARET VOLTAIRE, Zürich, June 1916

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Serg Nehaev



Digital collage. Based on Magazine Cover: 391 New York, N.3, 1 March 1917

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Serg Nehaev

Astronauts courses for housewives


Digital collage. Based on: New York Dada, New York, April 1921


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Ed Fornieles





To be read by a financial trader. Based on: Dada Phone, Tristan Tzara, March 1920

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Ultrabianka (Bianka Oravecz)

club dada


Digital image. Based on Magazine Cover: Club Dada, Berlin, 1918

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“That’s a beautiful speech, but nobody’s listening. Let’s go. ― Alfred Jarry, Ubu Roi” Bianka Oravecz

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Diana Kudryavtseva



Animated GIF. Based on: Cannibale Paris, 25 May 1920

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“An anagram, beside being one of the oldest type of remix, it’s a combination game that rearranges the elements of the world in unpredictable ways” Diana Kudryavtseva

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Myriam Solar



Digital image. Based on Magazine Cover: 391, New York, N.3, 1 March 1917

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“Representation by physi-morphisme of idea of flamenco dance through a succession of small jagged lines that contain irregularities, disorder, chaos and self-organization in the biodiversity and complexity aesthetics with forms of expression animal species, particularly terrestrial gastropods in interaction with interspecies”. Myriam Solar

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Raquel Meyers



PETSCII Collage. Based on magazine cover: 391 New York, N.3, 1 March 1917


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Silvio Lorusso

Every Black Character Found in the Dada Magazine Covers


Animated SVG. Based on: Dada magazine covers


“Every Black Character Found in the Dada Magazine Covers”. Silvio Lorusso


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Chris Joseph




Based on magazine cover: Cannibale, Paris, 25 May 1920

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“Dada alone does not smell: it is nothing, nothing, nothing.

It is like your hopes: nothing

like your paradise: nothing

like your idols: nothing

like your heroes: nothing

like your artists: nothing

like your religions: nothing.”


From ‘Manifeste cannibale dada’ by Francis Picabia, read at the Dada soirée at the Théâtre de la Maison de l’Oeuvre, Paris, 27 March 1920.

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