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Stéphane Mroczkowski

Post letterpress Der Dada n°2


Hand press print from digital matrix, black typographic ink on paper, A3 sheet. Based on Magazine Cover: Der Dada n°2, 1919

Download hi-res


This print is based on Der Dada no2 cover from 1919. I wanted to re-print this magazine cover as an unique, with the typical margins of classic etching prints, and with elements that make allusion to the often fastidious typographical composition of that time. I used 9 copies of the downloaded image and re-composed the cover on my computer screen using each copy as a window, reframing and focusing on each element of the composition. The computer windows elements (scroll bar, frame, name of the file…) play as an equivalent to the printers tools to compose a page on letterpress works (reglets, quoins, spacers…). The result is a composition with windows, insisting on the fact that it is an ensemble of digital copies. Then I printed on my printing press this computer composition, to highlight the paper and ink side of this iconic cover”. Stéphane Mroczkowski

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