Out Now: Random + In My Computer # 1

Out Now: Random + In My Computer # 1

May 27, 2011

The LINK Center for the Arts of the Information Age is proud to announce the publication of two new books: Random, by Valentina Tanni, and In My Computer, by Miltos Manetas. Like the first book produced by LINK Editions (In Your Computer, by Domenico Quaranta), they have been published with the Print on Demand service Lulu.com, and they are available for free download in pdf format and for sale in paper format. With this approach, the LINK Center wants to translate into a massive, fast and accessible editorial activity the key elements of its peculiar vision: accessibility of tools, free circulation of information, international audience.

Random, by Valentina Tanni, wants to celebrate the ten years of an online magazine that became part of the history of contemporary art publishing in Italy. Born in 2001, Random Magazine evolved in the following years into the main information platform about art and new technologies available in Italy. The book collects a wide selection of news, together with a smaller selection of articles and reviews that document the pioneering critical activity developed by its author along the same years. As Valentina Tanni writes in the introduction: «This book came unexpected. It appeared suddenly, just like necessities do. More than a book, it’s a record, an historical document. It brings together a series of heterogeneous texts written during ten years of study, research and dissemination. If I had to pick up a definition, I would say it’s a fragmentary chronicle of the origins of my own passion for new media art.»

In My Computer, by artistMiltos Manetas, is a collection of essays, interviews, short tales, parables, e-mails and drafts by its author. Written between 1997 and 2011, some of these texts are widely known, many others are unpublished, and just came out of his computer. All of them contribute to portray a personality who had a strong influence on younger generations of artists, thanks to his impressive body of work – including paintings, videos, installations, prints, performances and, last but not least, websites – but also to his writings.

Manetas’ book is the first of a series of artists’ writings: “notebooks” sharing the same title (In My Computer) and the same concept, being collections of widely known and unpublished texts, spare fragments and private writings.

Valentina Tanni (www.valentinatanni.com) is an art critic, curator and lecturer. She is mainly interested in new media art and multimedia publishing. She is currently a member of Artribune’s editorial staff.

Miltos Manetas (www.manetas.com) is a Greek artist currently living and working in Rome, Italy. He is the founder of Neen, an art movement whose name has been commissioned to a branding company in order to describe the art of the information age.


Valentina Tanni, Random, LINK Editions, Brescia 2011.

Soft cover, 114 pages, Italian / English, € 12.00, ISBN: 978-1-4477-1182-7


Miltos Manetas, In My Computer, LINK Editions, Brescia 2011.

Soft cover, 102 pages, English, € 12.00, ISBN: 978-1-4477-1939-7


Buy / Download – http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/linkeditions



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