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Digital collage. Based on: Kurt Schwitters, Die Kathedrale, 1920; Man Ray, The Poet, 1938; Man Ray, Orchestra, 1926; Man Ray Non euclidean object, 1932;Man Ray, Masque Kiki, 1962. 

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Sir Mix-a-Lot. Man Ray over DER ZELTWEG; Kurt Schwitters over Man Ray The Poet; Man Ray Orchestra over Kurt Schwitters Die Kathedrale; and over Man Ray, Man Ray Non euclidean object. Over this one, eye and lip Masque Kiki by Man Ray with ornaments from Raul Hausmann collage. Signed by Tristan Tzara. No. 1. And so on“. Cless


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Tyler Kline



Animated Gif. Based on: Man Ray, Non euclidean object, 1932; Lazlo Moholy-Nagy, Untitled, 1927, and  Self-Portrait 1926; Magazine Cover: 391 New York, March 1917.

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Grenade fired into the bunker of Cartesian thought, using the platonic tools of measurement employed by the Empire. Non Euclidean, Absurdist Dance of Afro-Quantum Futurism“. Tyler Kline


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