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Thomas Israel


Generic art piece (video extract). Based on: László Moholy-Nagy, Mord auf den Schienen, 1925.



“Video capture of a cynical and generative work, created from “Mord auf den Schienen” by László Moholy-Nagy and an automatic image search on the internet corresponding to the term “Dada”.

Hardware: computer and 4K screen
Software: Isadora
Maximum size: 2297/3175 pixel
Extract size: 781/1080 pixel”

Thomas Israel


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John Bumstead



Photograph of cracked screens and digital collage. Based on: László Moholy-Nagy, Mord auf den Schienen, 1925

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“I decided to forgo the literal depiction of a threat in favor of a looming  presence. While the broken screens appear inherent to the laptops, the symmetry between them suggests a window into another world.

John Bumstead owns a laptop repair business and his work generally utilizes a combination of broken screens and the output of defective graphics processors”. John Bumstead


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Andreas Agam

Murder on the Screen


Digital image. Based on: László Moholy-Nagy, Mord auf den Schienen, 1925.

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“I took László Moholy-Nagy Mord auf den Schienen, 1925 and reused the circular spaces to accentuate the feeling of being a murder target, adding imagery of my own projects. I like to investigate how images are able to re-condition attitudes towards politics and morality. The shift of meaning from ‘Schienen’ towards “Screen” adds another layer of semantic ambiguity to it”. Andreas Agam

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