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Debora Hirsch

The One Way To Transform Matchboxes To iPhone

Dadaclub online_Debora hirsch

Based on: Man Ray, Rayogram, 1924


“Clickbait using Man Ray’s photogram with commonplace domestic items that challenged traditional visual representation practice and thinking”. Debora Hirsch

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Geraldine Erman



Net based. Based on: Man Ray, Masque Kiki, 1962.


” Using a 3D scan of Man Ray’s “Masque Kiki”, the viewer is invited to experience the sculpture via their browser , webcam (not available on mobile devices), and simple head-tracking. The main Javascript libraries are  Auduino’s “Headtrackr.js” and Three.js“. Geraldine Erman

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Pier Giorgio De Pinto



Animated gif/3D object

Based on: Man Ray, Long Distance, 1926

“A creator needs only one enthusiast to justify him” Man Ray (1890-1976). A combination between an animated gif and a 3D object inspired by the work Long Distance, by Man Ray. Pier Giorgio De Pinto


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