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Rory Laycock

Social Influence


Digital Collage. Based on: Man Ray, Main Ray, 1935.

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“Culture increasingly demands our attention, whereby the social influencers maintain they grasp over an ever developing platform. With the social presence of the spectator and performer the public has to select and share themselves to now be present”. Rory Laycock

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Johann Baron Lanteigne

Orb State


Audio visual animation. Based on: Man Ray, Main Ray, 1935

“Orb State is an immersive trip in a surrealist environment. As we come upon an orb in its natural habitat, we witness its harvesting and ascension to an airy state. Thus portraying an abstract representation of the automation of industrialization by its cold and sequenced aesthetics. The transformation is experienced through a fusion of sound and image resulting from several exchanges between the two collaborators, Faderunner and Johann Baron Lanteigne during the summer of 2015. The visuals are an integration of manipulated video glitch and motion graphics reminiscent of video games from the early 2000’s that were inspired and controlled by the sound. In the same manner, Fade Runner’s fusion of organic sounds and synthetic textures reflects the orb’s unstable state”. Johann Baron Lanteigne


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Kamilia Kard

Ma Main, Ray (2016)


3D Modeling, digital image. Based on: Man Ray, Main Ray, 1935

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“Wanting to pay a tribute to Man Ray’s Main Ray (1935), a mannequin hand holding a billiard ball, I turned it into a 3D model. In Ma Main, Ray (2016), I replaced the billiard ball with a glass marble, a woman’s bust casted into it. The female body is a reference to my recent series Woman as a Temple, featuring a parade of headless, often overweight female bodies rendered in unnatural colors and unusual materials. The series will be soon released by Editorial Vortex as an artist book”. Kamilia Kard

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