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Zaven Paré

Stéréopticon yourself


Object. Based on: Marcel Duchamp, Handmade Stereopticon Slides, 1918

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“This reinterpretation of the Duchamp’s stereoscopic photography is called “Stéréopticon yourself”. It is another kind of 3D device supposedly made to appreciate such stereoscopic image. The two circle parts have been realized with laser cutting in order to reproduce the pyramidal form we find in the original stereoscopic photography by Duchamp. In a typical dada spirit, when looking inside the lenses, the spectator sees finally nothing…”

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variables @ vanishing point

object 1 (sky) // object 2 (sea) // object 3 (Sehpyramide). raw data from object 3 (vertex points) imported to Audacity – streched audio file influence the distortion of the sea – two cameras separated by average human eye distance – rendered out for Stereoskopie (Box mounted on Head).
Based on: Marcel Duchamp, Handmade stereopticon slides, 1918


“The -object 3- illustrate the triangle relationship between   Francis Picabia — Gabrielle Buffet — Marcel Duchamp. Together they were sitting in the vine restaurant „Simplicissimus“ (Alter Simpl ,Munich). Duchamp sketched one Sehpyramide with one vanishing point on a wet napkin. After heavily drinking Absinthe he added another vanishing point with more distance from the center – further he explained to Francis that this point represents you // my friend. During the consequential massive dispute they destroyed some furniture from the pub and Gabrielle permanently screeching “The image is the mother of the word”. Kathi Kobus (Pub owner) has thrown them all out. Outside on the street they also demageged one brand-new Litfaßsäule. Bavarian police came and arrested Francis Picabia and Gabrielle Buffet. Marcel Duchamp took the train back to Paris.
source: GolemKlonVIII”

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Giulio Regosa

In principio era uno


3D image. Based on: Marcel Duchamp, Handmade stereopticon slides, 1918

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Stereoscopy is a technique used and the viewing of images, drawings, photographs and films, adapted to transmit an illusion of three-dimensionality, similar to that generated by the binocular vision of the human visual system.
The image “stereoscopies à la main” allows you to enjoy the images separately, but the lack of a suitable non-stereoscopic vision allows you to enjoy them in three dimensions.
Starting from two separate images for each eye I made a 3D image which, using simple glasses with magenta and cyan lens, allows you to see the three-dimensional effect, bringing the object photographed in a unified and real way“. Giulio Regosa

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Monthly Feature

Evan Roth



A two frame animation created from Duchamp’s 1918 stereopticon. Based on: Marcel Duchamp, Handmade stereopticon slides, 1918


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Esther Miquel

Handmade Stereopticon Slides (digital version)

Digital video. Based on: Marcel Duchamp, Handmade Stereopticon Slides, 1918.


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