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John Bumstead



Collage of screenshots from a MacBook Pro with a malfunctioning NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processor, Animated Gif. Based on Magazine Cover: 391, New York, N.3, 1 March 1917.

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“The image was cut into 10 equal segments which were fed individually into a 2008 MacBook Pro 17” laptop with a defective graphics processor.  The laptop was allowed to affect each segment, during which approximately 20 screenshots of each were taken.  The screenshots were then reassembled into 10 complete images, taking care to keep all segments in proper location.

Defective GPUs produce “randomly predictable” output, but by assembling collages of many different screenshots I hoped to produce a distinctly different aesthetic than would be created by allowing the GPU to affect the whole image at once”. John Bumstead


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Marco Lonati

391 The Dada Punisher


Digital Collage. Based on Magazine Cover: 391  N.3, New York, 1 March 1917

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“With this work, inspired by one of the picabia’s drawing, i tried to remake an image cover of a magazine. I adapted this cover on Punisher’s comics”. Marco Lonati

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Simone Gilberti

How we work on Dada

Gilberti_dada work2_450

Digital Collage. Based on: Man Ray, Decanter, 1926

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“How every net artist should work on Dada 100”. Simone Gilberti

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Ueli Sager

Man Ray: with scalp


Collage. Based on: Man Ray, The Poet, 1938

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“Transplantation of Hair-Sculpture to the bottom of the head as a deconstructive DaDa-act”

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Vasiliki Biska

Stereotypon Slide

dadaonline 'stereotypon slide'_72
Digital collage. Based on: Handmade stereopticon slides, Duchamp, 1918; Rongwrong Magazine Cover, 1917.

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“Stereopticon floating through time into the sea” Vasiliki Biska

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Giovanni Bonanno

Occupation HX

4-giovanni-bonanno-2016-based-on-man-ray-decanter-1926 (1)

Collages and graphics. Based on: Man Ray, Decanter, 1926

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“I love Man Ray and all the Dadaism because them share the freedom of expression does not conditioned to any fixed rule and sets. The image joins the typographical sign to become subversive tool, irreverent and at the same time poetic dialogue of a new and possible communication”. Giovanni Bonanno

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Oliwia Blawat

Admiration of Net Artists for the Computer


Digital Collage. Based on: Man Ray Admiration of the Orchestra for the Cinematograph, 1919

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“The geometry of time and space in digital computer atmosphere”. Oliwia Blawat



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The Cool Couple

All I can see I buy



Digital Collage. Based on: Raul Hausmann, Collage, 1969

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“We put Hausmann’s collage into Google Image search engine and we were redirected to several e-commerce websites selling clothing and stationery. We collected the pictures and combined them through a photoshop mask created from the shapes of the original collage.” The Cool Couple

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