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Giulia Ravi Ravasi

Blink Dada


GIF image. Based on: Paul Citroen, Alannah, 1931

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“I wish photos were alive and moving. I wish they could show the previous moment before the photo was taken and next one. That’s what I did to Citroën’s work of art.” Giulia Ravi Ravasi

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Alysse Stepanian

#InstigateAgitateAnimate | DADA

Animated GIF. Based on: Magazine Covers:CABARET VOLTAIRE and Cannibale; Man Ray, Masque Kiki, 1962; Man Ray, Ce qui manque à nous tous, 1935.

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“What is it that is missing in all of us? Is it “imagination”, “dialectical reasoning” or something else? In celebrating Dada’s spirit of provocation, I name this work after a project that I’ve been mulling over for some time. It has to do with the potential offered by 3D animation in creating work with the combined powers of fact and speculative fiction. I am interested in challenging, instigating, agitating, and ultimately animating, THOUGHT through ACTION. This work is the precursor to the upcoming series under this same title” Alysse Stepanian

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Jerome Saint-Clair / 01010101



GIF / Meshlab Screen capture. Based on: Man Ray, Ce qui manque à nous tous, 1935


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“Collapse although and a environment that.

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To invent open the dada.

And images dada were”

Jerome Saint-Clair

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Andrea Terreni

RayNbow Glitch



Animated GIF. Based on: Man Ray, Belle Haleine, 1920


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Jaspal Birdi


Animated GIF. Based on: Man Ray The Poet, 1938

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“A narcissistic lucid collage reflecting contemporary digital pop culture”.  Jaspal Birdi


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Paolo Visentini

Murder’s Chewing


Animated Gif. Based on: László Moholy-Nagy, Mord auf den Schienen, 1925

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“I interpreted the circle of Moholy-Nagy as a chewing gum that the girl inflates like a balloon”

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Florian Freier

Everybody is a poet now


72 Frames, animated GIF

“Revolving Poet” feat. crazy gradient remix. Based on: Man Ray, The Poet, 1938


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Vasily Zaitsev

ничто не длится вечно


Animated Gif. Based on magazine cover:  New York Dada, New York, April 1921

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“ничто не длится вечно, и всегда ничего. дано ничего”

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Pier Giorgio De Pinto



Animated gif/3D object

Based on: Man Ray, Long Distance, 1926

“A creator needs only one enthusiast to justify him” Man Ray (1890-1976). A combination between an animated gif and a 3D object inspired by the work Long Distance, by Man Ray. Pier Giorgio De Pinto


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