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Monthly Feature

Claudia Hart



Gif made from 3d animation. Based on Magazine Covers: DADA PHONE Paris, March 1920; 391 New York, N.3, Club Dada Berlin, 1918;  New York Dada New York, April 1921; Cannibale Paris, 25 May 1920;  Die Schammade Köln, February 1920; DER ZELTWEG Zürich, November 1919

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“I made a model of Kiki in 2008 to use for another project based on all of the various photos of Man Ray.   I turned her head around, breaking her neck, to turn her into an “impossible object,” a kind of Sphinx.   I then imagined her as a Times Square billboard, and covered her with flashing billboards, but made from the original Dada magazine covers.  The purpose of the work is to turn  Kiki into a goddess, the “Kiki.obj.”


Claudia Hart has been active as an artist, curator and critic since 1988. She works with digital trompe l’oeil as a medium, directing theater and making media objects of all kinds. These include multi-channel 3D animation installations, sculptures using industrial production techniques such as Rapid Prototyping, CNC routing, and virtual and mixed reality environments, and  augmented-reality custom apps. Hart’s works deal with issues of representation, and the role of the computer in shifting contemporary values about identity and what might be called the natural. Her project is to de-masculinze the culture of corporate technology by inserting the irrational and the personal into the slick, overly-determined Cartesian world of digital design. She is widely exhibited and collected by galleries and museums including the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum, the New Museum, Eyebeam Center for Art + Technology, where she was an honorary fellow in 2013-14.  She works with Transfer gallery in New York.  She is married to the Austrian media artist Kurt Hentschlager, and lives in Chicago where she is a tenured professor at the School of the Art Institute.

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Di-Andre Caprice Davis

d A _ r a s e


Animated Gif. Based on: Club Dada Berlin, 1918 ; Rongwrong, New York, 1917; Man Ray, Cactus, 1943

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Renee Carmichael



Animated Gif. Based on Magazine Cover: DADA PHONE Paris, March 1920.

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“I noticed a cryptic layer of the magazine pages behind the cover and used that as inspiration. The quote is supposedly by Francis Picabia. We never know what codes are lurking behind unless we move our arses to look”. Renee Carmichael

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John Bumstead



Collage of screenshots from a MacBook Pro with a malfunctioning NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processor, Animated Gif. Based on Magazine Cover: 391, New York, N.3, 1 March 1917.

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“The image was cut into 10 equal segments which were fed individually into a 2008 MacBook Pro 17” laptop with a defective graphics processor.  The laptop was allowed to affect each segment, during which approximately 20 screenshots of each were taken.  The screenshots were then reassembled into 10 complete images, taking care to keep all segments in proper location.

Defective GPUs produce “randomly predictable” output, but by assembling collages of many different screenshots I hoped to produce a distinctly different aesthetic than would be created by allowing the GPU to affect the whole image at once”. John Bumstead


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Nikolas Koroloff

Dada Mosh Under Doors


Animated Gif. Based on: The meeting (revolving door), 1916/1942

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“40 frames on data coloration and convulsion”. Nikolas Koroloff


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Monthly Feature

Raquel Meyers



Animated Gif. Based on: Man Ray, Long Distance1926.

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Inspired by Man Ray’s stencil Long Distance (1926), dadarchy features PETSCII characters brutalizing dada like a concrete poem. “Raw force shaped in text, flat and brutal. It’s dadarchy time!” PETSCII (PET Standard Code of Information Interchange), also known as CBM ASCII, is the character set used in Commodore Business Machines (CBM)’s 8-bit home computers, starting with the PET from 1977.

Raquel Meyers is a Spanish artist based in Sweden who defines her practice as KYBDslöjd (drawing by Type In), a brutalist storytelling about technology and keystrokes where text is used unadorned and roughcast, like concrete. Brutalism has an unfortunate reputation of evoking a raw dystopia and KYBDslöjd evokes an “object of nostalgia”. But nostalgic, retro, obsolete or limited are rhetoric qualities earn by constant repetition. We live in a time where hardware and software become obsolete before most of the users have learned how to use them or disappear into pure functionality. The obedience to standards has made us passive observers and consumers.
Since 2004 Meyers has performed at festivals like Transmediale, Fylkingen, Piksel, Mapping, MFRU, HeK, or Cimatics, at 8bit events like Tokyo Blip Festival and the Playlist exhibition, as well at Liste Art Fair Basel, Xpo Gallery, Click New Media Arts Festival, Alt_Cph, LABoral, FILE and iMAL, among others. In 2016, Meyers has been artist in residence at Le Shadok, Strasbourg, where her first solo show has been organized in collaboration with the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival.

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Alice Palamenghi

Deep in vaporwave world


3d animation, animated gif. Based on: Man Ray, Masque Kiki, 1962

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“3d kiki in vaporwave world” Alice Palamenghi

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Monthly Feature

Lorna Mills



Animated Gif. Based on:Man Ray, Masque Kiki, 1962

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“A bloody-minded animated GIF from a furious Muse”. Lorna Mills
Canadian artist, Lorna Mills has actively exhibited her work in both solo and group exhibitions since the early 1990’s, both in Canada and Internationally. Her practice has included obsessive Ilfochrome printing, obsessive painting, obsessive super 8 film & video, and obsessive on-line animated GIFs incorporated into restrained off-line installation work. Recent exhibitions include “Abrupt Diplomat” at the Marshal McLuhan Salon for Transmediale, “At Play in the Fields of the Lord” at Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn NY, “Transfer Download” at the Current Museum, NY and currently, “Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905-2016” at the Whitney Museum, NY.
She has also co-curated monthly group GIF projections, with Rea McNamara, for the “Sheroes” performance series in Toronto, a group GIF projection event “When Analog Was Periodical” in Berlin with Anthony Antonellis, and a four person GIF installation, “:::Zip The Bright:::” at Trinity Square Video in Toronto, with Sara Ludy, Nicolas Sassoon and Rick Silva. Lorna Mills’ most recent curation project, “Ways of Something” is a collaborative remake of the 1972 John Berger documentary “Ways of Seeing” episodes one through four, featuring 113 networked artists.


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Cara Delavignette

Writer’s Block


Animated Gif. Based on: Man Ray, The Poet, 1938

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“Selection shapes the subscript”. Cara Delavignette

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Monthly Feature

Evan Roth



A two frame animation created from Duchamp’s 1918 stereopticon. Based on: Marcel Duchamp, Handmade stereopticon slides, 1918


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Yamada Hanako

The Blind Woman


Animated Gif. Based on Magazine Cover: The Blind Man, New York, May 1917

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“THERE ARE MORE PICTURES OF THE THINGS THAN THE THINGS THEMSELVES. I demand the privilege to be blind. Blind as the prophet Tiresias and as the unborn who hasn’t discover the world yet. I demand the privilege to not see, to foresee, to see only where there is no light”. Yamada Hanako

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Myriam Thyes

Taeuber-Arp’s Growing Lines


Animated Gif. Based on: Man Ray, Non euclidean object, 1932

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“One of Sophie Taeuber-Arp’s compositions LIGNES GEOMETRIQUES ET ONDOYANTES (1941) grows out of Man Ray’s Football sculpture like a secret fire”. Myriam Thyes

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Myrto Amorgianou – Digital Ruins



Animated Gif, pixelsorting, glitch-art. Based on: Man Ray, Decanter, 1926.

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From dada art to glitch art

from still image to animated GIF


(metamorphosis, shapeshifting)

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