Link Editions: AFK by Domenico Quaranta

Dec 29, 2016
The Link Art Center is happy to announce that AFK. Texts on Artists 2011 - 2016 by Domenico Quaranta is now available on our shelves. The book can be bought as a black and white paperback with a 20% discount or downloaded as a free pdf. AFK - an acronym for "away of keyboard” widely used online - is an anthology of texts written for catalogues and exhibition brochures along the last five years, featuring twelve texts about eleven artists and an artist duo: Rosa Menkman, Jon Rafman, Gazira Babeli, Martin Kohout, Maurizio Cattelan, Enrico Boccioletti, Constant Dullaart, Jill Magid, Aram Bartholl, Emilie Brout & Maxime Marion, Evan Roth and Addie Wagenknecht. (more…)

REFRESH01: #LAYERS / finissage

The Link Art Center is proud to announce that REFRESH01 - LAYERS is coming to an end. The exhibition at Spazio Contemporanea, Brescia will close on Saturday, November 19. In that occasion, the exhibition will be open from 3.30 PM to 9.30 PM, and it will host, at 7PM, the presentation of the booklet documenting the exhibition, published by Link Editions; and, from 7.30 to 9.30 PM, a DJ set by Luca Blackradio. Please join us! If you didn't visit the exhibition yet, here is some photo and video documentation. Photos are by Roberto Ricca, Matteo Cattaruzzi, Saverio Tonoli Adamo. The video is courtesy Francesco Lascari and Celeste Lombardi.  (more…)
FDIC Insured by Michael Mandiberg Now Available!

FDIC Insured by Michael Mandiberg Now Available!

The Link Art Center is proud to announce that the book FDIC Insured, by Brooklyn based artist Michael Mandiberg, is now available on Link Editions’ bookshelves. The issue #12 of the In My Computer series, the book was selected last February out of a call of proposals issued in 2015 by the Link Art Center and Abandon Normal Devices (AND) in the framework of Masters & Servers, and will be followed soon by the publication of the online archive of the 500+ failed banks logos collected and restored by the artist since 2008. FDIC Insured is available now as a 500 pages color paperback and a free download pdf.  (more…)

Artificial Fear Intelligence of Death by Lauren Huret Now Available

Apr 27, 2016
Link Editions is proud to announce the publication of Artificial Fear Intelligence of Death by Swiss artist Lauren Huret, an artist book co-published with Kunsthaus Langenthal on the occasion of the artist’s solo exhibition (Lauren Huret - Artificial Fear Intelligence of Death, Kunsthaus Langenthal, April 28 - June 26, 2016). The book is available for free download and in print on demand at, and in a special edition of 150 signed and numbered copies at the exhibition space. (more…)
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