Link Editions: Profile Page by Florian Freier

Link Editions: Profile Page by Florian Freier

Dec 8, 2015

Link Editions is proud to announce the publication of Profile Page, a book by German artist Florian Freier. The book is available as a print on demand, color photobook and for download in pdf format.


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Florian Freier, Profile Page, December 2015. Paperback, color, 112 pages, ISBN 978-1-326-49923-5


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Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


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Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.


The 10th issue of the “In My Computer” series, Profile Page presents a selection of 100 images out of a much wider project, developed along 2014 by documenting the living rooms in a huge brutalist housing unit with more than 600 standardized student flats, and confronting the pictures with a screenshot of their inhabitants’ Facebook profile page. The result is a study on the “relationship between frameworks and content, uniform design and customization, conformism and originality, social control and freedom, and how it develops within the “virtual” and the “real” world”, as Domenico Quaranta writes in his intro text.


Florian Freier (1979, Munich/Germany) is exploring social, cultural and political topics by working at the intersection of photography, digitization and communication. Freier’s works have been exhibited at international group shows, including works by Richard Prince, Marcel Duchamp, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Elaine Sturtevant and others. His recent project Cached Landscapes has been awarded by Trevor Paglen and Frankfurter Kunstverein with the “Eagle Eye” Photo Award and exhibited along Paglen’s solo show The Octopus at Frankfurter Kunstverein in mid 2015. Freier’s works have been cited in international blogs and magazines, including Monopol-Magazin, Fastcompany, WIRED, The Creators Project, and Frieze Magazine.


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