Link Editions: Vanishing Acts by Eileen Isagon Skyers

Link Editions: Vanishing Acts by Eileen Isagon Skyers

Oct 21, 2015

Link Editions is proud to announce a new publication in our “Clouds” series: Vanishing Acts, by US based artist and writer Eileen Isagon Skyers.

The book is available as a black and white paperback and a .pdf ebook on Lulu. A full preview can be read on our Issuu account.




Eileen Isagon Skyers, Vanishing Acts, Link Editions 2015. English, Black and White, 86 pages, ISBN 978-1-326-44735-9


In Vanishing Acts, Eileen Isagon Skyers looks at the role of network-based art practices as an aesthetic critique of our engagement with interface technologies that are increasingly seamless and, largely, undetectable.
There’s a direct correlation between the imperceptible interface and the distracted nature of human cognition. There are certain urgencies assailing our nervous systems now that were simply never there before. And despite our endless customization of web content, we’re unable to observe the computational processes that make the information manifest. In this situation, net art has the ability to reveal something quite crucial about the changing nature of subjectivity in relation to technology’s gradual “vanishing act.” Net art often employs retromediation and anachronism to call into question some of the actions inherent to networked space. These practices subvert the ruling tendencies and assumptions of screen-based operation, namely, transparency and interactivity.


Eileen Isagon Skyers has worked in contemporary art and non-profit arts organizations including the USF Contemporary Art Museum (Tampa, FL), The Wassaic Project (Brooklyn, NY), and the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (Portland, OR). Her moving image work has been exhibited in the US and abroad.



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