Please Support the The Dulltech™ Media Player Kickstarter

Please Support the The Dulltech™ Media Player Kickstarter

Sep 16, 2015

The Link Art Center would like to invite you to consider supporting the Kickstarter campaign for The Dulltech™ Media Player, the world’s first artist-designed media player. 14 days are left to make this smart, hassle-free, plug-and-play USB-friendly media player that works on all screens and syncs without problems or cables possible and available on the market. Follow this link to view the Kickstarter page and donate! 




The Dulltech™ Media Player is both a piece of hardware and a performative artwork. Founded by Berlin-based Dutch artist Constant Dullaart, Dulltech™ is the world’s first artist-led technology start-up firm. Dulltech™ began life during a 2012 residency in OCAT in Shenzhen, China. As an artist who works closely with various technologies as part of his award-winning practice, Dullaart is all too aware of how testing and complex modern hardware can be. Frustrated by his personal experiences and other artists’ tales of installing video presentations in high-pressure exhibition and art-fair environments, Dullaart decided it was time for a company to make a media player that makes life simple. Could there be one box which could effortlessly loop and synch videos over multiple screens, a box which would get rid of remote controls, expensive AV professionals, stress and drama?



Simply connect a Dulltech™ Media Player to a screen of your choice from the latest HD screens and projectors to old computer monitors and televisions. Insert a USB stick with a video file into media player box and watch it loop from start to end on the screen with no black or company logo in between cycles for a seamless video repeat. If you want to synch and loop two different video files on two different screens, connect a USB stick with a different video file to another Dulltech™ Media Player, simply flick a wireless key switch and experience true viewing pleasure. It’s really that simple. And, when your Dulltech™ Media Player is resting, switch on your screen to enjoy critically acclaimed art in the form of screensaver by Constant Dullaart.




·       Easy Install

·       Plug & Play

·       Remote Control Free

·       No Menus

·       Seamless video repeat

·       Full HD

·       Wireless syncing between multiple players

·       Autostart, even after power failure

·       Plays on the latest HD screens and projectors

·       Plays on old computer monitors and televisions

·       Supports any type of disk connected through USB

·       HDMI / AV / VGA / NTSC / PAL / Progressive Support

·       H264 / MPEG 4 / AVI / DVX / MOV / M2V Support

·       SRT Subtitle Support


DullTech™ operates as both as a hardware startup and performative artwork. Created as a form of radical corporate publishing in an age of high efficiency capitalism, it creates technologically simplified or ‘dull’ products in order to distribute artworks in tribute to the late Ray Johnson. The company has exhibited in the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, HMKV Dortmund, Transmediale Berlin and the White Building in London. MORE INFO: 


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