Return of Investment – Documentation

Return of Investment – Documentation

May 15, 2014

Return of Investment, solo show by Jonas Lund at Link Cabinet, opened on April 23. The exhibition showcase a new project – premiered at Link Cabinet – that turned the gallery in and advertisement space that anyone can purchase. The web pages hosts only one ad at a time, and the banner will be replaced only when a new investor will apply for the ad space; every transaction results in an increase of the price. After 28 investor, the current investment price is $ 473,88.
Here are just some samples of the ad uploaded by the people who has invested so far; the exhibition will last till May 31 and anyone could place his ad till that day. The last investor on the 31st of May will not receive a return, but become instead the owner of the art work. The art work is a unique piece, if you like it just dare an investment!




An interview with the artist has been published on Dazed in the occasion of the exhibition and the launch of the project.

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