MINI Museum Updates: Susi Law and jonCates

MINI Museum Updates: Susi Law and jonCates



On January 1, 2013, artist Susi Law – its last temporary owner – brought the MINI Museum from Bergen, Norway to Hong Kong to use it in the frame of her exhibition A Taste of Nordic Sea – Moving Still, that took place at attic of NEW KWONG TAI Dry Seafood Store, Hong Kong. A Taste of Nordic Sea – Moving Still is a small review by caretaker/ active listener/ value-sniffer Susi Law, who returned to Hong Kong for a short visit during her post-graduate fine art study in Norway. It is a one-day event takes place at the attic of a dry seafood store at Yuen Long, runs by her family and located at where Susi was born and grown up. The event came into her mind after she heard that her father is constructing a nice room at the shop attic, so that they could take a nap there, or place a mah-jong table for relatives occasionally. She still feels surreal in witnessing her mum from being a hawker in the 90s to become a shop owner this year.





The MINI Museum displayed Chasing a Tree from Far (2012), which is now part of its permanent collection. Chasing a Tree from Far is a loop of six images in which Law used her camera lens to chase a tree until she lost it, found it and lost it again. The work is part of a series of minimal, poetic works in which the artist uses her camera to record fragments of reality or to explore behaviors of the device that suddenly got her attention.


Susi Law lives and works in Bergen, Norway, and is a master student in fine art at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Being surrounded by great nature and people makes her relate herself closer to the world in a natural way, sometimes she forgets about art/artist/exhibition-related stuff. Currently Susi cares more about her surroundings (people, space, nature) and pay very much attention to the relations in between. She treats wondering, reinterpreting, active listening, connecting and value-sniffing as her practices.




Additionally, on January 6, 2013 the original Mini Museum press image has been playfully appropriated by artist and curator jonCates for his online curatorial project I Am Curating. The project invites people to use pictures of frames that have been previously emptied of their content in order to digitally contribute new content for them. If you want to contribute, check out this link and follow the rules!


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