Link Art Center at MusicalZoo

Link Art Center at MusicalZoo

Aug 29, 2012

Last July Link Art Center curated some events in the frame of MusicalZoo Festival in Brescia, presenting a preview of italian artist Giovanni Fredi last work Last Souvenir (2012), a circuit building workshop and a video and 8bit music live performance by Tonylight and VjVisualoop. Here are some documentation of the events.
Giovanni Fredi‘s last work, Last Souvenir (2012) is a video installation featuring a selection of 230 photographs from the memory card of a destroyed digital camera found by the artist on the ruins of Ishinomaki, Japan, after the recent tsunami.
Circuit Building was a workshop held by Tonylight, offering to partecipants the opportunity to be introduced to the basic notions of circuit bending, up to the actual realization of a fully working circuit and of a basic sound synthesizer.

On saturday night, July 21th, Tonylight and VjVisualoop were involved in a double live set engaging the public of the ExpoZoone with an 8bit music performance combined with a suggestive visual live set.




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